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Useful Numbers
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In this section you’ll find the most important phone numbers of certain organisations. 

Medical emergencies
Fire brigade: 122     

Police: 133

Ambulance: 144

ÖAMTC (for automobile emergencies) 120

Medical service (puts you in touch
 With a specialised doctor): 17 71

Emergency chemists service: 15 50
(recorded information)

Emergency doctor service: 141
(nights and weekends)

Night and weekend dental service: 512 20 78
(recorded information)

Pastoral advice service: 17 70

Breakdown service:123 or 120


If you need to go some where fast in Vienna it is advisable to take a taxi. The taxi in Vienna are fast and efficient. If you want to go with a taxi to the centre of Vienna, ask for the airport rates. Below you’ll find some numbers of taxi agencies.

Tel. 60160
Tel. 40100
Tel. 31300
Tel. 81400

Always make sure the meter is running, so that you know, you won’t be cheated out of you money. Or degree a price before you step in.


USA: IX Boltzmanng 16, T31339
UK: III,Jauresgasse, T71635151
Australia: IV,Mattilellstr.2-4, T5128580178
France: IV,Technikerstr.2, T53612
Canada: Laurenzerberg 2
France: IV,Technikerstr.2, T53612
Germany: III, Metternichgasse 3, T 71154 0
Japan: IV,Argentinerstr.21, T531920
Croatia: I, Opengasse 20, T5854842, M-F9-12:00
Czech Rep: XIV,Penzinger str. 11-13 T8943111
Hungary: I, Bankg 4-6, T53326310,
Poland: XIII, Hiets Hauptstr 42c, T870150
Romania:IV,Theresianumg 25,T5052343
Yugoslavia: Johannagasse 1-3, T5447585

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